Flower Carpet 2014


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Flower Carpet 2012


Africa honoured at the Grand-Place of Brussels. An extraordinary tapestry of shimmering patterns recalling designs from the tribes of Ethiopia, Congo, Nigeria, Botswana, and Cameroun, a harmonious fusion which will carry you away for a magnificent trip.   Visiting hours

Flower Carpet 2010


Honouring the Belgian presidency of the European Union What does this amazing floral composition show you? On two opposite corners, you will immediately recognise Saint Michael striking down the dragon. This is the protective image of the city of Brussels

Flower Carpet 2008


A royal flamboyance! The Market Square is really not spiteful. This summer, the magnificent design of its Flower Carpet has drawn inspiration from 18th century French patterns. And yet, it was the armies of Louis XIV that had bombed the

Flower Carpet 2006


Ephemeral beauty… Begonias going giddy! Symmetry and balance? Indeed. But only to all appearances. Because the 9 rosettes that compose this marvellous plant tapestry are mounted on vast, rotating platforms, thereby adding a fine touch of mystery to its admiration.

Flower Carpet 2004


That year, the Flower Carpet was composed by 1.800 square metres of beautiful and shimmering “Art Nouveau” Art nouveau in Brussels is an undeniable richness and the this year Flower Carpet draws inspiration from it with talent and in harmony.

Flower Carpet 2002


The overall appearance of this garden could be summarised in 3 major parts: 2 similar, symmetrical squares surrounding a large rectangle. What first catches the eye in the design of these Flower Carpets is the predominance of round patterns. When

Flower Carpet 2000


An original and unrivalled floral composition: an ancient inlaid table covered with a table runner in Brussels’ lace bearing the of the symbol of the City, the Archangel St. Michael overwhelming the devil. To celebrate the year 2000 and to

Flower Carpet 1998


A “true” false carpet, inspired by the geometrical scalloped designs on the rugs of the semi- nomadic tribes living today in NE of Turkey. The Flower Carpet was made up by a succession of the same motif in alternating colours

Flower Carpet 1996


A garden “à la française” with designs inspired by the Flemish Renaissance was created for the pleasure of the eyes and spirit. Its stiff structure, three large rectangles with their decorative stylised designs, was inspired by the vegetable kingdom, heraldry